Random Thoughts

Running in hot weather sucks (and can be dangerous).

Rosé wine is delicious (try Rucksack Cellars Barbera Rosé – it’s the one I’m enjoying with Bill right now).

My MAC Teddy eyeliner smudges out to a beautiful gold tone (what a pleasant surprise today).

Bronzer is amazing when you feel like shit, and even when you don’t feel like shit.

Bacon and blue cheese on a salad make a difference.

Family is not finite – meaning that your family changes. It could be because of lost family members that you’ve found. It could be because beloved friends are now family. Roll with the changes.

Moisturizer is important, even for oily skin like mine.

It’s easy to be grateful when you are not struggling. If you are struggling, please do not be afraid to reach out for help. I have struggled with depression, and it sucks dealing with it alone.

Caffeine is not a substitute for a good night’s rest.

While I love how my nails look at the end; sitting still for a manicure and/or pedicure is tedious.

Friendships evolve. Sometimes the people you were close to are not so close anymore, and the people that you thought you would never be close to wind up being the friends that make you laugh by Rickrolling you!

Bill gets jealous when I pour more wine in my glass than I do his.

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