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Hello Gorgeous!

Just to let everyone know, not only am I on FB, but I now have a YouTube Channel (StressFreeGlamour) and I am on Instagram as StressFreeGlamour!

I will be filming another video this weekend – I have had some requests for skincare, so I will probably focus on that. Although, I am fascinated by the whole Yoga Skin trend, so who knows???

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Take care!

This Winter

Normally, I struggle with oily skin. I would joke that if we could turn sebum into fuel, I could solve the world’s oil crisis (a massive exaggeration, I know).

This winter, I have struggled with dry skin. It has been tight and flaky, and I am unsure as to why. Granted, I am getting older (way closer to 50 than I want to be), and my skin may be changing permanently.

What has helped me massively is coconut oil. I slather it on my face to remove my makeup at night, and while I use a washcloth to wipe off excess, I do leave a very thin layer on my face.

Initially, I was very concerned about clogged pores, but as of right now, I am not having an issue. I have been using coconut oil for about a month, so I would have expected to experience problems by now.

The only thing I have experienced is softer and more moisturized skin in the morning.

If you knew what an oil slick I was this past summer (and even previous winters), you would be surprised as to how well this is working for me. I know that I am


A challenge to myself

I haven’t been grocery shopping since last weekend, and I have decided not to go this weekend. I have challenged myself to make week long meals with what I have at home.

My pantry and freezer are pretty decently stocked (I have a tendency to buy in bulk), so I figured I was up to it.

And I was right.

I decided to make Fiesta Chicken. It is one of my favorites and it reheats really well (found the recipe on Pintrest, I have provided a link).

I didn’t have tortillas, so it will be served over rice. I also doubled the black beans.

The good thing is that I am using up what I have, and not having to toss it when it expires!

Fiesta Chicken - a favorite in our house!