Days like today

It is a lazy, late summer, Sunday afternoon. The weather is cool enough to remind one that fall is just around the corner. There is a gentle breeze, and barely a cloud in the sky.

I love days like today.

I’m not saying that I only love days like this, but today I am in a good mood and I love listening to the breeze with all of the windows open. Getting fresh air inside without excessive heat or humidity. It smells clean without being crisp – if you understand what I mean.

I think today will be a good meditation day – I should be able to clear my mind fairly easily. Today, I feel chill.

What do you like (or dislike) about days like today?


I used to meditate pretty regularly. I enjoyed it, and I found it to be quite relaxing.

I haven’t done it for quite some time, so I thought I would try again today.

My brain was all over the place – here are some examples:

What I wasn’t doing was being in the moment, but that is a part of starting over with mediation. You do not give up, you do it again tomorrow, and you keep trying to clear your mind.

I do need to come up with a good mantra. I am open to suggestions.