Random Thoughts

Running in hot weather sucks (and can be dangerous).

Rosé wine is delicious (try Rucksack Cellars Barbera Rosé – it’s the one I’m enjoying with Bill right now).

My MAC Teddy eyeliner smudges out to a beautiful gold tone (what a pleasant surprise today).

Bronzer is amazing when you feel like shit, and even when you don’t feel like shit.

Bacon and blue cheese on a salad make a difference.

Family is not finite – meaning that your family changes. It could be because of lost family members that you’ve found. It could be because beloved friends are now family. Roll with the changes.

Moisturizer is important, even for oily skin like mine.

It’s easy to be grateful when you are not struggling. If you are struggling, please do not be afraid to reach out for help. I have struggled with depression, and it sucks dealing with it alone.

Caffeine is not a substitute for a good night’s rest.

While I love how my nails look at the end; sitting still for a manicure and/or pedicure is tedious.

Friendships evolve. Sometimes the people you were close to are not so close anymore, and the people that you thought you would never be close to wind up being the friends that make you laugh by Rickrolling you!

Bill gets jealous when I pour more wine in my glass than I do his.

My current favorite foundations

As I have gotten older, I have learned to appreciate different formulations of foundations. I like different ones for different reasons, and here are my current favorites:

  1. MAC Face and Body – this is a great light to medium coverage foundation. It is waterproof and it does have a slight shimmer to it (to give my skin that glowing look), but it can have a tendency to look too shiny if my skin is exceptionally oily that day.
  2. MAC Studio Fix Fluid – good coverage for oily skin, and it photographs really well. It lasts a long time, but it can tend to look shiny at the end of a long day (particularly on my nose)
  3. Tarte Amazonian Clay BB Tinted Moisturizer – I love this on days I am feeling particularly lazy. It is a great no makeup look that evens out your skin tone
  4. Estee Lauder Double Wear Stay In Place Makeup – this is what I wear when I want to look matte all day long. This is very long lasting coverage, photographs well, and is the only foundation that I do not need to set with a powder.
  5. Nars Sheer Glow – to me, this is neither sheer nor glowing, but it sits on my large pores exceptionally well. It does not have the staying power of some of the other foundations that I use, but it looks amazing on my skin
  6. Becca Ultimate Coverage 24 Hour Foundation – the thickest and the longest lasting of all of the foundation. This one, I need to put on with a damp makeup sponge because it is so thick, but it also photographs beautifully and it does not feel heavy once you get it on (which was a very pleasant surprise). It has the best coverage out of all of the ones on this list.

Light reflecting sunscreen (often containing astitanium dioxide or zinc oxide) in a foundation can cause flashback (the whitish glow that comes when a picture is taken with a flash).  On the flipside, they also provide a soft-focus, even finish to your makeup, so it is hard to make a decision. One tip is to use Laura Mercier Loose Setting Powder in Translucent to set your makeup to help prevent flashback.

These are all “prestige” foundations, but I have found that as I have gotten older, these products work better for me (I use less when applying, so I wind up not looking cakey and saving money in the long run).

I’d love to hear about your favorite foundations – please comment in the section below.

*None of these links are affiliate links, I do not get any money if you purchase any of these products.

Sorry for not posting lately

Hey there – I am very sorry for not posting lately. It’s been crazy.

On 04/27/2018, Bill and I went down to Champaign, IL for the Illinois Marathon. Both he and I were scheduled to run a 5K on the 27th, and then Bill was going to run a marathon on the 28th.

We both ran the 5K, but Bill injured his back, and was unable to run the marathon. To say that he was extremely disappointed was an understatement. He was really disappointed, as he had trained so hard. However, he couldn’t even get out of bed, so a marathon was out of the question.

He is on the mend, and we are both running a 5K tomorrow (he did get the okay from a medical professional), and he is looking forward to running again.

Monday (my birthday) begins the training for the next 10K that I am signed up for in October of this year.

I will post more soon!